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New clients


I work with children, young people and adults. Children under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult in the therapy room during the appointment.


Clients who are 12 years and over can consent to their own treatment and be seen on a 1:1 basis, they can, of course, to have an adult of their choosing with them. 12-15 year olds can give their own consent, but I also require consent from an adult with parental rights.

Clients aged 16 and over will be seen on a 1:1 basis and consent to their own therapy.

*All appointments are confidential; however, should child protection or vulnerable adult concerns arise during a session with a client then I will follow current vulnerable group guidelines. 

All new clients are welcome to contact me to arrange a 15-minute, free of charge, curtesy call either by telephone or zoom, to discuss if the services I offer may be right for you or your child/ young person. 

All clients will receive new client information forms prior to their first appointment. These will explain booking terms, cancellation terms, consent and other relevant information. These should be emailed back before your first appointment or brought to your first appointment. This will mean that your appointment can then be focused on working with you or your child/ young person.



All appointments must be paid for in full a minimum of 48 hours in advance to secure your booking. If payment has not been received, then your appointment cannot go ahead. Cancellations must also be given a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Full booking terms will be sent to new clients prior to them booking.


The therapy room

The therapy room is wiped down fully between clients, sheets and blankets are used for one client and laundered at a high temperature. Pillows have an additional barrier on them, and the case is changed after each client.

Currently I do not have waiting facilities for anyone accompanying a client but who will not be in the therapy session, so please make alternative arrangements.

Toilet facilities

There is a separate toilet and handwashing facility for client use only, which is wiped down after every client, and I would ask that you wash your hands there when you arrive, and store outside clothing and shoes just inside the door, to prevent them being brought fully into the therapy room.

Please note toilet facilities are for clients use only or those formally accompanying a client to their appointment 

Health and safety

The therapy room involves climbing one flight of stairs. If you have a health condition that prevents that I can make arrangements for you to be seen in a downstairs room, however I need advance notice to arrange this. Therefore, if you require ground floor access, please email me first and I will contact you to arrange a suitable time for your appointment. A toilet is also available for use on the ground floor only for clients who have pre-arranged a session in a downstairs room. 

If you have limited mobility/ are a wheelchair user and wish to book a session, please contact me before booking as there are access limitations.

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